Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Been a long time but I'm back in town

Denim Shirt: Miss Selfridge | Jumper: Topman Leggings: Terranova Shoes: Local Chain Store Earring: Asos Necklace: Gift

I've been confused and constantly worried about what I'm going to wear for school. Half of my wardrobe is on another island, the other half is here. I'm someone who will dress up in shorts, skirts and dresses, and dress them up or down how I would like. When I come to school, all I see are jeans, jeans, jeans. And flats. It's not the most motivating dress up time. However, I've been thinking. I have basics in my wardrobe that could work perfectly fine. Dressing up my top half, shouldn't be hard. And it isn't. I'm just going to try to prepare or imagine my outfit from beforehand.
Today, for example I'm wearing leggings, denim shirt and a cable knit cardi :) And it looks mighty fine. 


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The moonlight's away

Dress: Miss Selfridge Shoes: New Look

I love this dress. I'm not too fond of a bodycon dress, but I absolutely love this one. I call it my 'Kardashian butt dress'. Haha! It accentuates the figure, and I do have a bit of a bum, and it makes it so prominent... Kardashian butt indeed!
I think this would look really lovely with a colored coat of sorts. I've recently purchased a red cape from New Look for €18, and it's so pretty ! It makes me feel like a 'posh' red riding hood ! It's really lovely.
I've been in and out of work this entire week, and out the rest of the time. And online at 2am in the morning with shopping and blogger links open and fervently writing down things that I want to purchase! I've recently realized that I own way too much bottoms and not enough tops. I do neglect buying tops to be honest, but now must focus on buying some. There's nothing that I like locally, so online shopping should do the trick !

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

P.S Anyone know where I could buy a few oversized jumpers, that don't make me look like a homeless person? Something that would look fine over a skirt or tucked in shorts or over a dress would be lovely and much appreciated :) !!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We all lose our charms in the end

Dress: Topshop Jumper: George @ Asda Socks: New Look Shoes: Peacocks Rings [L-R]: Tally Weijl, Things Accessories, H&M

It is absolutely freezing here. It hasn't been this cold in years, I swear. It also might snow, which it hasn't done in 20 odd years, BUT, I definitely don't think that the snow is worth the facebook posts. Also, I doubt I'll be able to wear heels in the snow.. I don't think I'd even want to.
I absolutely adore this outfit, I'll be honest. It's just so.. grandmotherly and school girl-ish at the same time! How is that possible?? But yeah, it's cute, and I love it !
I keep promising myself this, but I'm hoping to have scheduled posts every Tuesday and Thursday for outfits. And hopefully on another day, a weekly wishlist of sorts. Still need to find out how to do the editing for it though. We'll see! I also need to do myself, and whoever reads this blog, a favour and finish up doing my blogcode and header so I can finally have a layout I'm happy with ! Wish me luck on that