Friday, January 20, 2012

Through the misty air...

Top: New Look Shorts: Primark Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Ring: Present Nail Polish: China Glaze - Cords

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Click Click Snap

Dress: Primark Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Hat: Tally Weijl Necklace: Ebay

Happy New Year everyone ! Hope you all had an amazing 2011, and hopefully, an even better 2012. I managed to greet the New Year properly, left early from work, got dressed etc etc.
My boyfriend was actually in the parking lot, and they were almost ready to leave.. and waiting for me was... CHAMPAGNE. Strawberry champagne at that ! Delicious !
Aah, it was bliss. I got sick on Christmas day, with a bad cold can you believe it ? But most people around here actually got sick =/ Maybe it was actually the flu...?

I'm back at school, working on assignments, and going out a bit ! I managed to lock myself out of the apartment today, and none of my flatmates were on this island, they were on the other island.. and I had no keys. So went over to a friend's house, bought McDonalds, played DDR, and then met up with my brother who had a spare set of keys !