Saturday, November 10, 2012

When all that you live on is lipgloss

I am not a fan of lipgloss, at all. I've never been. Their sticky texture, and the way your hair sticks to it, feels like it's all over the place.. Gah its a horrible invention.When I went to the Catrice & Essence event back in Summer and I got lipglosses in my goodie bag, I didn't know whether I should feel pleased or just give them away to someone. The only reason I haven't yet is because these colors are just so beautiful!

Contrary to the many lipglosses I've tried including ones from Revlon (Remember everyone raving about Peach Petal?) and I hated ALL of them, these are okay-ish! Firstly, they smell wonderful. Especially Back From Vacation, it smells like vanilla! YUM. The pigmentation is definitely not that of an ordinary lipgloss where you'd just get a slight tint of the color. They also take a while until they're sticky and make me just want to wipe them off. Whilst they're still not something I'd reach for, I would consider them every once in a while. That coming from a lipgloss hater is something! Is there a beauty product that you hate? What is it and why?