Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A shadow waits behinds us

Dress: Primark | Shoes: Peacocks | Necklace: Ebay
I've been suffering from low blood pressure since Thursday 08/11/12, and it still hasn't gone up [It's up now!]. The oddest feeling about it is that your legs do not feel as if they belong to you.. they act as if they are jelly, wobbling about. Very weird. You know what else is weird? The fact that I have low blood pressure. I like salt. When I cook anything, salt is anyone's best friend. And I like to season things well. Boiling pasta, good pinch of salt in there. Cooking sauce? Good pinch of salt in there. Before I eat? Good pinch of salt in there. Get my drift? That's a lot of salt. So I have no idea why I would have low blood pressure, but my mum used to suffer from it when she was younger, so I probably inherited it. Yay. Well it's better than high blood pressure! Will not complain.
Let me talk about my amazeballs shoes. I have been looking for this EXACT pair of shoes and whilst browsing the shops one day with my boyfriend, I find them. My size... was not found. D: How could they! So I went to ask a friend who's a sales girl there, and she called the other island Malta in Valletta if they had my size, and THEY DID. I bought them, love them. The amount of outfits I will be wearing these with will be never ending. I was going to wear this with my birthday outfit, my birthday was on the 18th, and I'm now officially 20 years old!


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November 21, 2012 at 10:35 AM delete

Love this outfit and I too want a nice pair of wintery red shoes. I think they go with almost everything in my wardrobe