Friday, October 19, 2012

Play with Fire

Skirt turned to Dress - Mum | Cardigan: Piazza Italia | Necklace: Primark | Shoes: New Look | Lipstick - Catrice - Tell me a Berrytale
My mum is the best friend I could ever have. Why? Because she's been there through everything with me. That woman is so kind, she's the best mum I could ever have hoped to have. So whenever she takes the time out of her day to make me something.. even though I was meant to have learnt this myself, she goes out of her way to make me things. The best part is when I get to wear them and her face lights up. I style things in my own little ways, it's what makes a piece of clothing unique. This is also unique to me, however, because my mum made it for me. It's a maxi skirt, but when she first gave it to me so I could try it on to see if it looked okay, I also thought it would look good as a dress. She then asked me whether I wanted it as a dress or a skirt, then showed her how I could turn it into a dress without changing the fact that it is indeed a maxi skirt.
It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for everything Mum :)
The material is absolutely beautiful, the colours are amazing, and I just feel special wearing this. It's unique. And this is why clothes make me happy. They're a little something which help define us.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dance with me on plastic tears

Dress: H&M | Bow: New Look | Shoes: New Look
I've been meaning to post about this outfit for er well over 2 weeks. I'm good at procrastinating. This dress is absolutely beautiful. It's got a pin up style to it, and someday I'm going to do my hair in victory rolls again and wear this dress. I can't wait until the weather turns cold so I can wear jumpers over it... particularly a navy jumper wearing red lipstick, and drinking tea inside a cute cafe... I can dream.. and make it reality. I just have to wait for the weather to turn cold!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm gonna drink my tears tonight

Top: Shana | Skirt: Primark Shoes: New Look Necklace: New Look
Right now, I'm spending my first of many nights in Malta for the upcoming school year. I really did not want to move. On Sunday, I was feeling pretty my boyfriend and I went out.. and had some take-away tea from McCafe. That is good tea right there. There are few things I hate in the world, and one that's nearly at the top is bad tea.
Seriously? Yes. You can not have bad tea in your life. 
Then we went onto le motorcycle and went to Marsalforn, praying that the tea would survive, and still be warm! It survived! YAY! It was still warm! DOUBLE YAY. So we sat down on a green bench, and my goodness. The view was wonderful. The weather was tantalizing me, as if it was saying. "Ha, look at what you won't get in Malta. Me.The 10 minute away beach that looks perfect. Ha, enjoy your Malta stay." How evil. The sky was perfect, the sea was perfect, the clouds were perfect, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. I shall miss you Gozo. 
After we took the outfit pictures.. and some really silly pictures, we went to +39, a local bar we go to a lot which is owned by an Italian and they also make the best pizza. And are not mean over their alcoholic drinks. I mean seriously, did you ever notice that alcohol in most places seems really weak? As if its watered down, and you can't even taste that its alcoholic? At +39 I can taste the alcohol, which is awesome. In no way am I some alcoholic. And seriously, did you look at the size of that pizza? ENORMOUS. I could only manage half of it, but so good. So very good!
It was a good date, that's all I can say. And a great way of ending my holidays. Today was also the first day of school and I am extremely lucky to say I'm class with my friends! WOO!