Friday, September 28, 2012

Though we all want to be noticed

Top: Ebay Skirt: H&M Shoes: New Look Necklace: New Look Bracelet: New Look
First off all, walking into a New Look store is dangerous. I think about 90% of my wardrobe is made up of New Look. I was actually looking for a blazer on top of this dress. Didn't find anything, but I found this necklace, and this one! I saw this on a blouse, fell in love with it, and I already know what outfit I want to debut that necklace with. I'm going to be moving to Malta soon, where are 2 bigger New Look stores, and I'm going on a mission. I need jumpers, a specific peplum top and a specific pair of trousers which I've been hankering for!
This e-bay top is such an amazing find. If I'm not mistaken, Topshop did tops like these, and I found an exact dupe of them on ebay, for a TINY fraction of the price! It's lovely! I woke up thinking that I would wear my vertical striped blouse, realized it was too hot and then found this top! I'm really happy with it :) I thought it looked really cute, and it definitely needed a little something something, so on this collar goes! I'm planning on wearing this collar with a lot of things, especially to spice up a couple of basics. That is what statement necklaces are for.
Pretty much I've been living in these 'flatforms' which I bought specifically for school. They are insanely comfortable, and I can't be bothered with heels in this heat. It's Autumn, and its still boiling!
AND side note: That ciabatta sandwich was ENORMOUS. I could barely manage half of it before I was completely stuffed!


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