Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blame it on the Boogie

A month ago I posted about my current favorite palette: Call it Boogie. I actually forgot about the Hey Sista Soul Sista Palette, but then was browsing through my Essence Goodie Bag, found it and thought hey! I need to swatch this! I remember when I saw this in the store I thought that it looked way too similar to the Call It Boogie palette and didn't buy it. I got it for free at the event and when I compared the two.. the only similar eyeshadows were the light blue and pink. And they're not even exact dupes of each other! But they look too similar to each other in the palette.
I think you can also see that I use the Call It Boogie palette a lot. Its got dents in the colors which I don't even have in other eyeshadows! I use the light color and the brown eyeshadow a lot. My only regret is that I didn't buy a backup, and now the collection is out of stock. Oh well :(  It also lasts pretty damn long even without a primer, even after 6-8 hours in our beyond hot climate! In the Hey Soul Sista palette the pigmentation of the yellow shade is virtually non existant. That was after about 5 swipes trying to get some sort of pigmentation and then failing to get any pigmentation, I swiped it using the wet technique. And that's what I got. Non existent pigmentation. It's just one bad eyeshadow out of ten, in a palette that costs just 3.30 euros.
Do you have any eyeshadows or products that you just grab randomly when you're in a hurry?