Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birds flying high

Do you remember the MAC Shadesticks? Back in the day...I think they're discontinued now. But I remember when I used to watch panacea81 I was obsessed with getting shadesticks! Never got them, but years later I got what you could call dupes for them. The Catrice Limited Edition Coolibri Eyeshadow Pens. Bit of a mouthful lol. The gold one is called Precious Nectar, the blue one is Birds Flying High and the green one is Virgin Forest. Well they're not really dupes, but something that essentially reminds of the Shadesticks! I did use these on their own with no eyeshadow on top, and they are pretty pigmented and blendable. What did happen was that they creased, but then blend it all again, and it doesn't. So maybe it might've been because I didn't blend them enough. The gold shade just seemingly was a glitter after I blended it, so don't really recommend it unless you're into that kind of thing.
I did actually like these quite a lot, they're creamy, blend easily and just look nice. It depends how you use them I guess. You could use them as a liner other than using them as an overall eyeshadow. Just depends on your taste :) I tried combining the three to see how they would go, and they did make quite a nice combination. Hope you liked this~


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Virgin Forest looks stunning, I really wish Catrice was available here so I could give these a try :)