Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You will find a better place to stay

Blouse: Primark | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: New Look | Earrings: Centra Moda
My boyfriend and I finally went to dinner, after promising ourselves to go out for dinner for almost an entire Summer, and then changing our minds! I almost changed my mind this time, but thought eff it, we're going! So worth it. Went to a restaurant in Dwejra, and when we went there last year, I had the tortellini with cream, bacon and mushrooms. I knew what I was going to order this year without looking at the menu. Why? Because they are so GOOD. Seriously, I had such a happy feeling on the inside whilst eating those tortellini haha.
Then, we thought we would go randomly, to Villa Rundin, which has been re-done and it looks amazing. Compared to what it looked like before, oh sweet Jesus it made me deliriously happy. There was a HUGE fountain thing in the middle of the park, with a cute bridge on top of it, and I swear I could've stayed there for ages. It didn't feel like I was in Gozo. It felt like I was transported to a happy place! There were trees and plants and oh god. I just love nature. I love being in the countryside, its so peaceful, and the colors and the beautiful scenes make me really happy. When I went to Prague a year ago, there was a huge park about 10 minutes away from where we were staying, and I swear, I could've stayed there for ages. My boyfriend and I might be going to Italy this year[no idea where yet], and I'm just hoping there will be a park, so I can buy a takeaway tea and stay there for a while! I've been spending the week organizing everything around me. My wardrobe, my jewellery drawer, and now my computer. I have a folder called Print Outfits, which basically contains outfits which I have similar things to, and try to style them in that way. Which is where today's outfit inspiration came from. It's so much better having everything sorted out, and when you're a little clueless about what to wear, you can find a folder full of things you could.



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You look lovely! xo

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hi dear :) you look really pretty hun! what do you think of following each other on GFC? Let me know
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