Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey Soul Sister

I'd thought I'd finally do a 'review' about my current favourite palette, the limited Edition Soul Sista palette by Essence. I now have both of these palettes, which are EXTREMELY similar. They actually have just 2 or so different shades.. and the placement of the eyeshadows are different. Check it out here~

The pictures were taken before I started loving up the palette. I mean, look. Look at the colors and TELL ME, what's not to love about them?! My favourite shades are the bottom shades, especially the second and last color. I pair those two up as my go to eye-shadow look. And those two shades together actually look quite pin-up.
As you can see in the swatches, the colors are pretty shimmery. Which to a 15 year old or so girl, would probably be fine, but for someone who's going onto 20 or is not too fond of shimmer, too much shimmer is not the way to go. So what I would usually do, is blend the color out, by going over it with a blending brush, one at a time. The colors themselves are quite pigmented, so I don't really need to build the color up constantly to get some pigmentation on my lids. All of the colors are pretty wearable, including the blue ones. Just don't apply blue all over your eyes 'cause that just looks tacky.
Also, see that little sponge/brush in the palette. That brush is amazing. I use it to apply the color above my crease and into my crease. And it does it perfectly. I've not used the sponge end, just the brush. And do you want to know what the best part is? This palette cost me 3.30. How cheap is it?! And I get so much wear out of it, its insane. I should've bought a back up.


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