Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here in the garden of sin

Top: New Look | Shorts: Primark | Shoes: ASOS | Sunglasses: New Look
Firstly, I'd just like to say something awesome. The day we took these pictures... we went to feed ducks! LOL! I know it sounds childish and all, but I really wanted to go feed the ducks and watch them nom nom their life away. We saw two ducks having sex. Do you want to know how they have sex? Well apparently one drowns the other and humps away~ At the bit of lake or rather a very large pond we were at, there were guys fishing, and I wasn't entirely sure what they were doing until they caught some fish! So before I went down to feed the ducks, I stared at them like an insane woman, in case they were going to hurt them~ They stole their fish D: !LEAVE THOSE FISH FOR THE DUCKS!! And look how amazing the view is! We actually walked through that place once, and went to the edge of Gozo, with a breathless view. Someday, I want to go walking there again~ So worth the 3 hour walk
Anyhow, this outfit I had actually worn on a Saturday because I felt like something dressed down, but I ended up wearing it the next day so we could get my outfit picture taken. But then I ended up hanging around in it for ages. Nothing wrong with that.. is there? Well I don't think so anyway~
Then I went to work, burnt myself :( and then went to my boyfriend's birthday BBQ. Then on Monday we had another BBQ and I made a BBQ sauce from scratch, then used the sauce for my pulled BBQ chicken! It was so good! Then we all laid down and watched the sky listening to music. It was so relaxing and amazing.


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Hola Bambi
August 21, 2012 at 7:05 PM delete

gorgeous photos, you look lovely xx