Friday, August 10, 2012

Bring in the new.. or should I say old?

My mum decided this Summer that I should learn how to sew. I don't even know how to sew on a button, but I'm sure if I try I could. Right? I mean how hard could it be? Usually I would just say no, and end up learning later on, but this time I said yes immediately! Why? Because my mum's got her own sewing room, and a big cupboard with lots of materials and thingie ma jingies !
I pulled some out, including a piece of red material, but she said I couldn't have that one D: BUT, these were some of the materials I was allowed to have and so THEY'RE MINE.

The floral print is going to be a maxi skirt, and if there's material left over, maybe a 'bralet' inspired crop!

The green print is going to be vintage style dress. There's two in my mind that I'm tempted by, but we'll see what mama says~

The denim material is going to be a crop tie top, fingers crossed! I'm not entirely sure if there is enough material for the one I want to do, but if there isn't I'd rather do a sleeveless top with a pointy collar! Mum's mainly going to be working on these, but whilst she's working on them, she's going to each me how to cut the material out, and how to put it together. What do you think of the materials? I can't wait until they're finished! So excited!!


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Wow those materials are beautiful! I made up my mind to teach myself to sew this summer too, but for now the machine is still in its box lol :)let us know how it turns out! :) xx