Friday, July 13, 2012

Just want to be myself

Dress: LOVE | Shoes: New Look | Necklace: Primark
How do you like the jungle of a garden I have eh? Amazing huh? It is to me the most disorganized garden I've ever seen, and being slightly OCD, it does make me want to re-organize it... and I do. In my head. It is wonderful though.. we've got a load of roses, this beautiful blue flower plant, a ginormous rubber plant etc etc. And it's heaven for the family's hedgehog, Mrs Tiddlywinks! And for the local lizards. You have no idea how big they are. Nearly a foot long! And they're usually about 10cm?!
I longed for this dress for ages. And then my boyfriend ended up buying it for me for Christmas! LOVE IT. I'm someone who loves Autumn and its colors, so for me the colors on this are perfect~ Ahh!