Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Broken Hearts Are Never True

Dress: New Look | Shoes: Peacocks | Bracelets: Peacocks | Earrings: Vintage | Sunglasses: New Look
It's too hot to leave my hair down, so I'm trying to find ways of making my hair look nice, without it being down! This bun being one of them! I saw a tutorial off of Lily Bee's blog on how she does her big voluminous bun! She has a lot of teasing involved, which I personally didn't like as much since it's a bit damaging! BUT, my hair actually has quite a bit of volume in it, especially when I brush it out! So I decided to try it her way, and using a hair donut, and voila! BUN OF AWESOMENESS!
My boyfriend and I went out on Sunday, and I didn't know what to wear. Sound familiar? What I did know was that I wanted a vintage look, so out comes this dress! I've had it since last Summer and this was the first time I wore it! Reason being I was trying to find a red waist belt, but that failed :< Still looking though. Paired off my cute nude shoes with them AND my latest pair of sunglasses from New Look!
The earrings I have on are my mum's from her teenage years, and I think they were my nan's before. Not entirely sure. All I know is that they are gorgeous and my mum let me borrow them!
We went to a beach resort and the amount of stares I got were tremendous. My boyfriend and I usually do get stared at, and its getting really old now. I sometimes don't notice, and nowadays I'm realizing that we get stared at. How? Well let's see, whilst I was walking, this guy who was sitting down stared directly at my face until we passed. I kept staring right back, 'cause I'm a weirdo, but seriously. What. The. Hell! Not sure if its a compliment or I dress 'weird' for this island!
Anyhoo, I hope you like my outfit :3 AND if you have any hair up styles that aren't too hard to do I'd appreciate it!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brown Sugar

A few of weeks ago Christine posted a swatch of China Glaze - Fast Track. It really reminds me of a polish from Essence. I think it could be a possible dupe!

Essence - Irreplaceable
What do you all think? Does it look similar or is it just me? This is so hard to remove btw! Took me ages because it's a glitter polish... I'd like to try the foil method of removing glitter polishes, but I can't be bothered. Such a lazy person XD

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Move your pieces

Top: New Look | Skirt: New Look | Shoes: New Look
I'm sure you must've guessed that by now one of my favorite stores is New Look. I go there all the time, to either buy new shoes, or find another must have for my wardrobe. Like this dip hem skirt. I love it. Its such a dramatic piece! I wore this a couple of Saturdays back, last minute outfit. And it was the first time I wore that top. I bought it for 6 euros I think. Total bargain I'm telling you!
I also got my results, I got straight Distinctions, which is the highest mark you could get, and I've been promoted to the Higher National Diploma! 2 more years and I'll be working as a full time programmer! And getting my degree :D!! I honestly can not wait! I need to work harder again this year, I want straight distinctions again! It's lovely to know that when you've worked for something, you actually manage to get rewarded for it :D
Also, is it me, or do ebay members not message you back when you've sent a question? I've not been getting any replies at all which is awkward!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If I ruled the world...

Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Belt: H&M | Necklace: Primark
On my wishlist of things I want :P, I had a chain necklace, and I desperately trawled through e-bay, ASOS, and every other website I usually buy stuff from and nill. Didn't find anything. Until I saw an OOTD by someone who had a chain necklace on. And guess where it was from? Primark. Found it, bought it, and can't stop wearing it. When I first got it, I thought this looks tacky... Jesus this is huge D: And then, I wore it! And now, me and so called tacky necklace are in love.
I love browsing. I'm one of those people that could browse for hours on end, non stop. So after my programming assignments were over and done with, there I was browsing ASOS and bam this came up! The price actually went up, 'cause I remember I bought it for 27, but anyway. I bought it, got it and fell in love :3 I only wore it once, to a feast, but can't wait to wear it again.
Tip to everyone out there, who might be trying to lose weight or not, when you go out and order a takeaway burger, try to have it without any sauce, unless that sauce is ketchup or BBQ sauce. I work at McDonalds, and on Monday I had a 8.5 hour long shift, and I knew I'd have to take something else other than a side salad to be able to go about with the actual work. So I thought, I'll get a McChicken, without any fries. A small packet of fries has 235 calories. I. Know. The McChicken has mayonnaise in it which brings the burger to a total of 395 calories. A tub of mayonnaise sauce[sachet] has 175 calories, and the McChicken has just a little bit more sauce than a tub/sachet. So approximately, from the sauce alone, that burger has around 185 calories. Get rid of that sauce and the burger's calorie amount reduces drastically to 210 calories. I'm no health junkie, but I do try to avoid certain foods. Whilst at work, I do have to eat the food there, so I need to find little ingenius ways of cutting back on calories.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just want to be myself

Dress: LOVE | Shoes: New Look | Necklace: Primark
How do you like the jungle of a garden I have eh? Amazing huh? It is to me the most disorganized garden I've ever seen, and being slightly OCD, it does make me want to re-organize it... and I do. In my head. It is wonderful though.. we've got a load of roses, this beautiful blue flower plant, a ginormous rubber plant etc etc. And it's heaven for the family's hedgehog, Mrs Tiddlywinks! And for the local lizards. You have no idea how big they are. Nearly a foot long! And they're usually about 10cm?!
I longed for this dress for ages. And then my boyfriend ended up buying it for me for Christmas! LOVE IT. I'm someone who loves Autumn and its colors, so for me the colors on this are perfect~ Ahh!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whenever I'm dressed cool

Top: New Look | Skirt: Primark | Jewellery: All New Look | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I love this neon top! It's just a simple tank, but its got such a lovely pattern and color.. I'd describe the color like a highlighter yellow + green love baby. It's that kind of color! Not yet yellow.. not yet green. I think it's called a lime color lol! This is the kind of color I'd happily wear on my nails <3
I'm so glad to be back to posting outfits. Fingers crossed, if I get enough outfit shots for two days a week, then I'll be posting an outfit every Wednesday and Friday. And then moving my Shopping My Wardrobe posts to Sunday I think!