Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My heart's a stereo

Shirt: Miss Selfridge | Skirt: Primark | Shoes: Peacocks | Sunglasses: Ebay
Okay, tell me these glasses are not epic. I had a little spasm attack when I got these, then I look at myself in the mirror and felt funny. I'm used to them now though, thank god. But I'll only wear them with people I'm comfortable with, I won't wear them on my own. I'm not THAT comfortable with them. It's just another pair of sunglasses really, but I've already gotten some weird looks, I don't want weird looks and some random idiot in a car honking and saying something weird.
Which actually reminds me of an incident that happened a couple of weeks back. I was passing this alley way, and there were these two builders. Now in this little alley way, it was just me and these builders. Now you know how sometimes when people whistle at you and say some pervy comments you involuntarily smile or pay attention? Yeah, I woke up in a bit of a bad mood that day, and these guys were seriously annoying me. So I hadn't even passed, I was still a few steps away from them, and they started saying things like, "My next girlfriend will be like her" "Look at her ass" "Look at those tits" etc etc. And they kept on saying sh!t until I passed by. In the end I got so annoyed with them, I turned around and yelled, "Why don't you learn to shut the f!ck up ?!" lol. Yes, yes I did ! And one of them, the old man, said "You shut up ! Or I'll smash this bottle over your head!!" So I replied back, "Or you could fit it in that ass of yours !" He just looked stunned lol. I don't think they're used to women they randomly call out to in the street yelling at them. I was shocked myself! But it felt so good !
Sorry for the load of text, just wanted to get that off my chest !

Accidental double denim couple !