Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World starts to change

Dress: Primark Hat: Tally Weijl Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I am now 19 ! On 18th November, I stopped having my 'lucky' year, and started my last year as a teenager !
I received the most amazing shoes I've ever, ever owned. A pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's ! I got the Black Distressed Leather Lita's, and honestly, they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Heels are easy to walk in, but these feels as if you're wearing a pair of flats, except better !
Since my birthday was on Friday, I decided to have a birthday weekend ! I just wanted to get a little drunk, and just relax and not worry about anything. I've not had a free weekend in months, where I could totally relax and not worry about things. Friday, my boyfriend and I went out to eat Cantonese. Yum ! Then we went to a bar where they had this 'punch'. Full of alcohol, and delicious !
Saturday, woke up late, got ready early, and went out to buy vodka ! I made Jello Shots, Sandra Lee style ! AKA, a lot of alcohol right in there. I should've taken a picture of those, so delicious ! I'm sounding like a total alcoholic, but believe me, I'm not. I rarely drink, the most alcoholic drinks I consume when I'm out is maybe a maximum of 4. Most of the time just 2. So apart from the Jello Shots, I maybe had 4 drinks when we went out. I was drunk, but not wasted. I never got drunk, I always got wasted ! Didn't even notice I was drunk until I got home ! Dizzyness !
Sunday, my boyfriend, his best friend, and I went out in said best friend's Jeep. It's a Willy's Jeep, from the World War 2, fully restored and gorgeous !