Monday, October 3, 2011

I can be cool, I can be anything

Top: Peacocks Shirt: Miss Selfridge Shorts: Tally Weijl Rings: New Look, Peacocks Bangles: Accessorize Necklace: New Look

School started again for me last week, and probably for most of you !  I've moved back to my parents apartment on the other Island for College. My boyfriend came by for a few hours until I settled in, and then he had to go and I cried ! I'll be able to see him during the weekend, so I'll be fine :) It's a cruel, cruel world I tell ya !
One of my best friend's is moving in with me though ! So I'm really happy about that :D
At my second year at this school, finally starting on programming ! FYI: I'm studying Computing, and hence why, my school is made up of 95% guys, 5% girls !

This outfit is from when I went back home during the weekend, I thought I could take pictures of my outfits from my room in Malta, but still haven't figured out how. Thinking about purchasing a tri-pod ! ALSO, new place to photograph. I think it's a lot better, instead of a variety of background things, you now only get tiles or a wall. And me ! Is this place better?