Sunday, September 11, 2011

That boy is a monster

Dress: Vila Shirt: New Look Earrings: Centra Moda Bangles: Accessorize
I've not posted an outfit in ages ! Apologies ! First I broke my camera, bought a new one, Canon IXUS 115, and then the day after I got it I went abroad to Prague.
I tried taking a few pictures of my outfits there, but failed. Badly. Need to get used to taking pictures with this using the timer.
I went to my first ever H&M whilst I was abroad. Major jealousy for the people who do have H&M. I officially love that place !
Bought a few things, not a lot, but some of my major staples I couldn't find locally.
Tried taking pictures again here, and failed epicly. BUT NOW, instead of the window ledge, I managed to take okay looking pictures with the camera on a cabinet. Still in the bathroom. And you can now see my amazingly, sexy washing machine in the background !