Friday, December 23, 2011

Together we'll find a way

Shirt: New Look Shorts: Peacocks Blazer: Primark Necklace: Ebay Hat: Tally Weijl Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lipstick - Revlon Colorburst in Plum

I just found out I'm working on New Years Eve until midnight which is a bummer may I say, but ah well. Tears, and disappointment won't change anything. Neither will asking to have my shift change. Not going to go down that road. I knew I was going to end up working late either way, even though I had asked whether I'd be able to work in the morning or early afternoon.
I also took a specific month off, to be able to work on my two new assignments. Yet, last week I worked when they asked me too, of course I could've said no, but I was able to so I said yes. This week no shifts, but next week, even though I should be working on my assignments I was given 3 shifts. The New Years Eve shift, and two shifts on the days before that, as they had no one who was able to come on that day. I'd rather not comment. I should be on the other island, Malta, using my computer, working on my assignments instead of working just for 3 hours a day and not waste time on travelling. But ah well. Boohoo indeed. I'm meant to have until 16th January completely no shifts, except for either Christmas Eve and NYE. But apparently.. no.
I told my boyfriend that I'll be working on New Years Eve, and he said, even though you might miss the countdown, we'll have our own countdown. And it doesn't matter as long as we spend some time together. Which was really nice ! Actually really cute and squishy so I want to squish him when I see him :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Take a midnight stroll with me

Dress: Boohoo Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Hat: Tally Weijl Jewelry: Ebay

At the moment, I'm at a stressful point in my life. I'm slowly melting down, and feeling guilty when I take breaks, when I sleep.
I give one assignment in, I get two back in my face to start working on. It is tiring. That and the fact that I travel every weekend to get to my home island to go to work, not go out on weekends because I'm working till late at night or starting early in the morning. The fact that I can't work on my netbook from home because it's so tiny. I study programming, I make tacky programs for now, but I'm proud of them. So having a system which I can work on properly is a requirement.
I only have a week off from school. Holidays start on the 24th December and end 2nd January. That is pretty shocking for me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This shouldn't last forever

Jumper: H&M Jeans: Tally Weijl Loafers: Random Shop ? Ring: E-Bay
Found this song in my suggested videos. Enjoy !
Been listening to this band for 2 years, and am completely in love

My legs are not as 'chubby' in real life. The angle of the picture and those jeans, make me look a little fuller. Why do I still wear those jeans ? 'CAUSE THEY'RE COMFORTABLE !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bathe in the light..

Sheer Shirt: Peacocks Skirt: Primark Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Hat: Tally Weijl Rings(l-r): New Look, E-Bay, Peacocks
Wore this on Sunday Afternoon. I've lost the bid for this skirt so many times, and now it's finally mine. I'm in love.
It's so awkward wearing these kind of outfits in real life. I dream about them, crave them, want them, but when it comes to wearing my dream outfits in real life, I become scared. I'm afraid to be judged. Thing is, we're always going to be judged anyway. So eff that, and let's get on with our lives, wearing what we want, and living life the way we want to. As long as it's a good life, not murdering or anything !
I wore the Lita's for the 3rd or 4th time(not really sure) and I wore them for over 11 hours straight, and they were still so damn comfy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World starts to change

Dress: Primark Hat: Tally Weijl Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I am now 19 ! On 18th November, I stopped having my 'lucky' year, and started my last year as a teenager !
I received the most amazing shoes I've ever, ever owned. A pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's ! I got the Black Distressed Leather Lita's, and honestly, they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Heels are easy to walk in, but these feels as if you're wearing a pair of flats, except better !
Since my birthday was on Friday, I decided to have a birthday weekend ! I just wanted to get a little drunk, and just relax and not worry about anything. I've not had a free weekend in months, where I could totally relax and not worry about things. Friday, my boyfriend and I went out to eat Cantonese. Yum ! Then we went to a bar where they had this 'punch'. Full of alcohol, and delicious !
Saturday, woke up late, got ready early, and went out to buy vodka ! I made Jello Shots, Sandra Lee style ! AKA, a lot of alcohol right in there. I should've taken a picture of those, so delicious ! I'm sounding like a total alcoholic, but believe me, I'm not. I rarely drink, the most alcoholic drinks I consume when I'm out is maybe a maximum of 4. Most of the time just 2. So apart from the Jello Shots, I maybe had 4 drinks when we went out. I was drunk, but not wasted. I never got drunk, I always got wasted ! Didn't even notice I was drunk until I got home ! Dizzyness !
Sunday, my boyfriend, his best friend, and I went out in said best friend's Jeep. It's a Willy's Jeep, from the World War 2, fully restored and gorgeous !

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where we know we both belong tonight

Top: New Look Skirt: American Apparel Shoes: Forever 21 Earrings: New Look

I wore this on Halloween. I had just finished work, went home, showered and changed ! Basically happening most weekends...So I took these pictures the morning after. I absolutely love those shoes, I rarely wear them, I'm actually trying to wear them a little more these days, because I couldn't stay on my feet for very long in those shoes ! But got used to them now :D
I've two assignments that I should be continuing, but I'm procrastinating to no end ! It's only until I get started really, so I'll go and start..soon !
I also bought a black floppy hat today ! Would totally have paired it off with this outfit :) ! My must have list has become extremely short, but I'm having difficulty in finding a few items ! Fingers crossed that I find them :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ain't got no reason

Shirt: New Look Vest: New Look Skirt: Miss Selfridge

- I've not posted in an outfit, I think, around 3 weeks ? Pity really, just needed to edit some photos and upload them. Such a procrastinator ! Editting some more outfit photos, so might be able to put another post up before the week is up.
- I went shopping a few days ago -  managed to pick up a lovely blue jumper from New Look and a few more items that I can't find on their website. Love <3
- HINT: Do NOT buy a size 18 or size 20 jumper in the hope they'll just be oversized. ENORMOUS I tell you ! Mum might try to fix them, if not, they go on e-bay.
- Thinking about doing a post 'Weekly Wishlist, or a 'Tuesday/any other day of the week Wishlist' ! I just need to figure out editing wise what I'm going to do :)
- This weekend I'm going to try to take as many photos as possible of outfits, then just edit them and be able to post !
- 1st November was me and my boyfriend's 2nd year anniversary ! It's exciting to get to this point, and still be very much in love !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

R.I.P Garfield

I don't know if any of you remember the post R.I.P. It was about my first cat's one year anniversary.. of her being dead. We got another cat about 5 or 6 weeks after her being dead. We were not ready for another cat. An ex- SPCA volunteer, (SPCA - a local animal shelter) who lives across the street contacted us whether we were interested in homing this cat called Garfield. He was a pure ginger Persian, and had been found in a horrible state. SPCA had nowhere to put him as the government has been constantly refusing them land to home more animals.
They had shown us photos of how he looked like, and told us the story of how he was found. The photos were of this confused cat, partially covered in tarmac, thin, and just in a mess. He had been in the streets for a while, and had ventured into a villa that an English family were renting looking for food. They took him in, but only for a couple of days as they were going back to England. They contacted SPCA who took  him in, got him cleaned up, took him to the vet, had tests done on him to make sure he was fine. A couple took him in shortly after, but only for a short while. It was a tiny flat, he had nowhere to go, they wouldn't let him on the roof. So they took him back. SPCA were going to put him down. They had nowhere to keep him, he was staying in a travel cage and was only let out for maybe an hour every day.

That's when we decided, this cat has had enough suffering. We'll bring him in.
Say hello to Garfield, or Puddina as we later called him. I cried so much when he came in. I was not over my Paps's death. And this great big cat coming in, sniffing where she used to be, being in her house.. upset me. But I ended up falling in love with him, and his great big paws. I used to call him Teddybear Monster. He was such a silly cat, absolutely ridiculous.
He never ran, he literally hopped. His front legs and his back legs collided together, and that's how he ran.
He was confused at curtains. He used to try to get under the tiny gap of curtains, or just leap from afar at them. Or wait patiently until a bit of wind blew them open.
He used to ALWAYS come next to someone, just so he wouldn't be alone, and roll over for attention. And when you touched his tummy, he reminded me of an underwater dinosaur. He used to make me laugh so much.
In the past 7 weeks, he started refusing to eat. Last Friday, refusing to drink. His entire personality had changed from a social silly cat, to a sullen depressed cat. We could not think of what had happened at all. We took EVERY single test out there all came negative, appetite stimulants - none of them worked, force feeding - sometimes, but more often not, worked, introducing new food, playing with him, cuddling him, nothing worked. Nothing.
As most Persians have troubles with their eyes, he had a flipped eyelid, and we got it fixed for him, and cuddled him afterwards. We didn't leave him there overnight. Just for a couple of hours. That was before his depression. A bit afterwards he started refusing to eat.  We took him to the vets, and he had a bit of tartar in his mouth, got it removed. Then nothing. He would sometimes eat, more often not. Mum and I were perplexed. Dad and her searched the internet for answers, all the answers were to do what we were already doing. I contacted an online vet, asked for help. I got an answer, and again, an answer to what we were already doing. Except she suggested baby food, and we did. He ate an entire jar in two days. But we had to force it in him. He wouldn't drink by himself. We had to make sure he drank by using a syringe. By himself ? Nothing. I couldn't believe it. Which cat, would not eat. Which cat, you tell me, will refuse water, fish, chicken ANYTHING.
Monday morning, I started praying to God. I had not prayed in a long time. Not since he took my Paps away from me. And immediately afterwards got an idea. Baby formula. Babies survive on this don't they ? When they're newly born and don't drink breast milk ? They get their vitamins from it, and live on it ! My cat can aswell ! He drank 10ml of watered down baby formula every hour. He stood on his own, shaky, but he stood. He opened his eyes. I started gaining hope. I was at school on the other island at this time. But my mum told me afterward, he looked at her with the saddest eyes possible.

Tuesday morning. I texted my mum whether everything was okay. She told me he drank another 10ml at 7am, but he was not looking well at all. Something she told me later on was that his body temperature was dropping. She covered him up in hope that he would warm up, and tried giving him another 10ml, but he looked like he was gonna throw it up. He tried sliding out of the blanket, so that he was dangling half way down his chair. He was going to die. And she knew it. He went to his favorite spot which was damp... and she took him away from it and took him to another much loved spot of his. He was sleeping all the time, and that's how he died.

He died 25th October 2011, at 11am in his sleep.

We were confused, and perplexed, and trying to find out what had happened.

Yesterday, my boyfriend mentioned something I had completely forgotten. One time he came down from the roof with his bum slowly lowered, and his tail looked like it was in pain. Mum and me worried about it. We now realized something.
He loved going on the roof. He loved travelling on our neighbors' roofs. Our local roofs are like rooms with short walls and no ceiling. And our houses touch each other. It was easy for him to go back and forth. In his last few weeks, he stopped wanting to go on the roof. When we took him up there, in hope that he would go back to normal, he would go as far away from one of our neighbors' roofs as possible and hide. We did not realize it at the time.
Our neighbors, who have disliked us for years, for some unknown reason, had been bullying Puddina. Had actually hurt him. And made him depressed. Before he was found, he was probably abused. It is a very high probability.
We never, ever laid our hands on him in that way. Not even when he peed in inappropriate places.
I am so angry, so very angry that they would harm an innocent animal, someone who was gentle and so silly. And loved everyone who paid him the slightest attention. How dare they.

We had him for just over a year and a month.

R.I.P Garfield. I will always love you, you were gorgeous.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Holding the light

Dress: Primark Headband: Peacocks
Wore this dress a week ago when it was still slightly warm and could go out without wearing a cardigan or such ! I'm not complaining. I love this weather. I can't wait to wear cosy knits and jumpers, and boots !
Some things have happened in the past week, and I think for the first time in my life have just kept thinking, you know, there are worst things in the world. And kept positive or as neutral as I possibly could. Shows how much a person could change. There are so many bad things out there that everyone just overlooks, pays them attention for a few days, and then back to the back shelf to be ignored. I was reminded of that when I saw this film 'Megan is Missing'. A fictional film, but could actually be happening out there. Two girls got kidnapped, first one girl, then the other. It was horrifying. All you could see where just two pictures of what he did to one girl, but I was shocked. If ANY of you out there know people who chat to 'strangers' ALWAYS, make sure that they don't go on webcam if the other person doesn't have a webcam AND make sure that if they're going to list any personal information, make sure that it can't be tracked down by people. This goes out to all of you. And all those people you know.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I can be cool, I can be anything

Top: Peacocks Shirt: Miss Selfridge Shorts: Tally Weijl Rings: New Look, Peacocks Bangles: Accessorize Necklace: New Look

School started again for me last week, and probably for most of you !  I've moved back to my parents apartment on the other Island for College. My boyfriend came by for a few hours until I settled in, and then he had to go and I cried ! I'll be able to see him during the weekend, so I'll be fine :) It's a cruel, cruel world I tell ya !
One of my best friend's is moving in with me though ! So I'm really happy about that :D
At my second year at this school, finally starting on programming ! FYI: I'm studying Computing, and hence why, my school is made up of 95% guys, 5% girls !

This outfit is from when I went back home during the weekend, I thought I could take pictures of my outfits from my room in Malta, but still haven't figured out how. Thinking about purchasing a tri-pod ! ALSO, new place to photograph. I think it's a lot better, instead of a variety of background things, you now only get tiles or a wall. And me ! Is this place better?



Thursday, September 22, 2011

It All Ends

Dress: Topshop Belt: H&M Cardigan: Primark

Today, I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. I know, I know ! EVERYONE's watched it a few months ago, but ! I went to see it today. REBEL.
I was actually going to the premiere, but something happened and I couldn't go. I've avoided downloading it off the internet, and I was pretty reluctant to go see it ! It all ends :(
My mum and me have this tradition of going to see Harry Potter together, and this tradition ends. Sad Face. We actually sat at the Cinema in the exact place where we sat when we went to see the first movie !
I've got my fingers crossed that we'll get another book on how their lives are afterwards, an entire book. An entire series of what happens to their children !
It won't be the same, but it'll be something. Such a fan.
Seriously. 97 pounds on a jumper. Add a few more pounds and that lot could buy you a pair of Campbells. And there's another one on ebay, exactly the same, going for 10 pounds. Crazy


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just a simple touch

Cardigan: New Look Dress: Vila Earrings: Centra Moda Bangles: Accessorize

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping this month, and striking things of my want list ! I went to New Look to try to cross some more things of my want list, and actually to buy a pair of loafers, which I haven't because €32.99 for a cheap pair of flats isn't very justified in my opinion. I'm just sayin' ! I came across this cardigan, and it is the softest, coziest cardigan I've ever had ! And it smells so nice ! I can see myself wearing this with just about everything ! It's like a giant blanket stitched together, oh my!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'll be dancing in flames

Dress: Primark Headband: Tally Weijl Earrings: Centro Moda Bangles: Accessorize
I changed my blog name from Buttoned Boots to Island of Make Believe. I was going to re-name my blog to 'Land' instead of island, but the name's been taken, I thought I'd do Island. Since I do live on an Island ! Is it a better name or should I go back to Buttoned Boots ?
I'm not sure. I kind of like this one a little bit more. I like fairy tales, butterflies, forest stuff etc, and this blog name does remind me of that. Such a cosy name !
I've figured out that if I don't have a chance to take a picture of my outfit the day I go out, I'll take it the next day, or on some other day, including other outfits. So I'll be able to post regularly !
This month has been such a good shopping month, and I'll probably be buying a load of other things. There's so many lovely things in the shops right now, I can't resist !
I'm going back to school on the 26th, a school with 95% guys, 5% girls. So I'm pretty much very nervous. I'm going to try to wear skirts or dresses to school, but don't count on that. I'm probably going to be sticking to jeans!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

That boy is a monster

Dress: Vila Shirt: New Look Earrings: Centra Moda Bangles: Accessorize
I've not posted an outfit in ages ! Apologies ! First I broke my camera, bought a new one, Canon IXUS 115, and then the day after I got it I went abroad to Prague.
I tried taking a few pictures of my outfits there, but failed. Badly. Need to get used to taking pictures with this using the timer.
I went to my first ever H&M whilst I was abroad. Major jealousy for the people who do have H&M. I officially love that place !
Bought a few things, not a lot, but some of my major staples I couldn't find locally.
Tried taking pictures again here, and failed epicly. BUT NOW, instead of the window ledge, I managed to take okay looking pictures with the camera on a cabinet. Still in the bathroom. And you can now see my amazingly, sexy washing machine in the background !

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are not just art for Michelangelo

Dress: Peacocks Shoes: ASOS Earrings: Peacocks Rings: ASOS, Accessorize Necklace: Accessorize Bag: New Look Nail Polish: Essence - Choose Me

I managed to ask my boyfriend to take pictures of me... and you know the outfit. Posing by yourself is one thing, posing for someone else is another. /Die/. I had fun taking these pictures though. It's a bit of a laugh when someone else is taking your picture.
WHEN, I get my new camera, I'll take some pictures of these two pairs of new shoes that I got, and these 3-4 other pairs of shoes I want to get. And I will ! At some point ! And obviously many, many pictures of my outfits.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'll take you out tonight

Top: New Look Skirt: Tally Weijl Necklace: Tally Weijl,  Rings: Tally Weijl, Things Nails: Essence - You belong to me.

I haven't blogged in FOREVER. God knows I wanted to, couldn't take decent pictures, and even these are half decent. But half decent pictures are better than none at all ? No idea. I'm off to a wedding. And off to take pictures of the outfit beforehand. 
I had work this morning, been in an entire panic station ever since I got back LOL.
Actually, forget the pictures of the Wedding outfit... My camera fell on the floor, and the lens, not the glass piece, has been dented, and apparently damaged. Will take it to the camera people and fix it. I want to cry. My boyfriend said he might be able to, since he fixed his lens... so hopefully all will be fine. Until then, STOMPING RAMPAGE. If its fixed, will try to do the outfit pictures... or take them on his camera. Whichever works. Pray for me people

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today is my cat's one year anniversary of her death. She was just 7 years old.
We still don't know what exactly caused her death... I just know that her death left a huge gap in my life. I remember when I was 10 years old, bothering my mum on and on that I wanted a dog, a cocker spaniel to be exact, but we already had two dogs and she kept saying no. After a while, I thought I'd ask her if she could let me get a cat. And she immediately said yes. "It'll help against mice. Yeah, you can get a cat". My mum phoned her Auntie, if she had any kittens, and my Auntie said that she knew a woman who had a load of kittens she wanted to give away. So went to her shop, and there I see her. Rigidly standing up on a pile of old coke craters, her tail pointed in the air. And I wanted her. She was gorgeous.
When she was 2 months old, I was able to get her. My aunt and me went over, and got her, and then went to my aunt's place. Thicksy, as I named her, only wanted to stay in my arms, I was the only thing that was familiar to her now. She slept in my arms, she was my lovely.
It's hard to remember when someone was so alive, and spoilt, and every rook and cranny in the house was her place, is no longer here.
A few years before her death, my dog Lucy had a stroke, and we had to put her down, because her jaw was jammed tight and would die naturally starving to death. A slow tortured death. Mum forgot to give my cat her shot. And she immediately caught a cough. The vet gave us pills to give her; tiny, barely there pills that we had to halve. But she wouldn't take them. We begged the vet to see if he had any shots instead, but he said there were none. So my cat kept coughing. We tried so many times to make her take the pills, put them in her favorite food, force them down her throat, melt the pills and give them to her through a syringe (without the needle), but she only managed to take 3 halves.
On the 21st of June at night, my cat collapsed and peed herself, and couldn't breathe properly. I remember I started crying, and tried to research what might be wrong. I thought she might have been poisoned, but she hadn't. Her lungs were filling up with water. Mum stayed up all night with her. First thing in the morning they took her to the vet. The vet said to keep her in a cool room, with a fan on her, and occasionally give her a tiny bit of water to drink.  The next day, the vet came round to give her a shot, to help her feel better, and said she was looking much better. I was gaining a little hope, even though I told my mum, she would die.
On the 24th of June, whilst I was at work, she died. She choked to death. She was terribly dehydrated, and her lungs were full of water.
The vet thinks she might have had cancer, because she lost so much weight in just a few weeks, and was barely eating.
We still don't know.
I don't want to remember her in her sufferance, I want to remember her full of live, spoiled and loved. She was a lady. The way she washed herself, the way she sat up, the way she walked. Everything. She was perfection herself.
I still love you Paps, and I always will. You'll always be in my heart, and if I could do anything to bring you back, I will. Anything at all. I love you too much.
R.I.P Paps - 24/07/2010. Aged 7.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Of Flowers and Fairies

Dress: Peacocks Cardigan: Primark Bow: Peacocks  Nails: Essence - No more Drama

I'm not feeling too well today, I woke up feeling sick. It was roughly 34 degrees, and windy. But still so bloody hot. All the wind made me crave putting on a cardigan, and I did... just for the photos. I couldn't bear it for longer than that. Also, apologies for the low quality photos, they were fine until I cropped them..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Polka Dot

Top: Terranova Shorts: Primark Bangles: Accessorize
Please believe me when I say, I used to loathe polka dots. I'd dismiss any particular item because it was polka dotted, but now, the only polka dots I dislike are just the big ones ! I love little polka dots, or heart shaped polka dots, they're cute ! They're love-able ! Big ones, hell to the no U_U !
I didn't actually wear this outfit, I was going to, but then I changed my mind, 'cause it was too hot ! 32°C and 50% humidity , and I couldn't bear wearing that t-shirt. I swear to you, I felt like I was boiling to death. So off it went, and a light dress went on !