Thursday, September 30, 2010

First China Glaze Haul

Locally we don't get China Glaze, so I had to look online to see where I could buy them from. I bought my polishes of  Transdesign for $2.99 each and the shipping was $18. The shipping costs on some of the other websites were insane. Although, I did have to request Transdesign to give me the option to use the Flat Rate Box because it wasn't being displayed.
I got 3 China Glaze Polishes from the Summer Days Collection.
Strawberry Fields - This is the most gorgeous pink I have ever seen. I hate the color pink, and I refuse to wear it or use it... unless it's on my lips. So for me to find a pink gorgeous, then it really has to be beautiful. It has lovely gold flecks in it. - 2 Coats
Watermelon Rind - I had seen way too many bloggers and swatches of this polish, so naturally I had to get it. It is a nice color, but it's not a color I fell insanely in love with. It's a blue-green polish, falling more towards the green side of things with little silver flecks in it. - 2 Coats

Orange Marmalade - Now here is a color you can't help but adore. Like Strawberry Fields, it's a gold fleck polish. It's this amazing orange color with the slightest red undertone to it. - 2 Coats
I also got 2 polishes from the Retro Diva Collection
Cords - This is a mushroom color. Literally, a mushroom color. It's a silver-brown color. I was disappointed because I expected a full blown out silver, but it's grown on me now. 2 Coats
Stella - The most perfect purple ever. The swatches are rough, but they're the only pictures I could take to be able to capture the true color of this polish - 2 Coats.
Next I got Rodeo Fanatic from the Rodeo Diva Collection. This is my favorite nail polish. I've gotten 9 more China Glaze since March... and believe me, this color is still my favorite. It's blue... with green undertones but at the same time purple undertones. It's just amazing. The swatches I did does not do this polish justice. - 2 Coats, although 1 coat can be enough. It's highly pigmented.
I then decided I need a yellow in my nail polish collection... so I got Solar Power from the E-Collection. Now while I do really really reaaaaaaaaally like this nail polish... I don't love it. The reason being... I wish it had a bit more shimmer to it. Other than that... it's perfect. I needed 3 coats to get to the desired color. It's a really patchy nail polish. Although I've tried 2 more yellows and they also were patchy. So maybe it's a yellow thing.
Beauty and the Beach - Fiji Fling. I had a blue very similar to this, but then it became chunky and unusable and I had to throw it away. So then I discovered Beauty and the Beach, and it was a summer fling alright :P !
My last polish is Turned up Turquoise from the Nervy Neons Collection. This is a matte polish, and apparently all neons are matte?? I've read that online, but I am not sure. Now the good thing about this polish apart from its loveliness, is the fact that when you apply a topcoat, it stops being a matte polish. So you have 2 polishes in 1 ! I did not photograph this well. It is one of the most difficult polishes I've ever tried taking pictures of. I could not get the true color at all. It's a toothpaste green... I needed 3 coats.


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October 10, 2010 at 7:33 AM delete

Hi sweeteheart!
Thanks so much for these swatches! They are really useful. I have not purchased anything from China Glaze yey so this is going to help for sure!
My favourite one is the mushroom colour.

All Made Up
October 10, 2010 at 2:25 PM delete

gorgeous selection! The only one I'm not keen on is the yellow but that's just cos when it comes to nail polish yellow is probably my least favourite colour!

The orange looks fantastic and I reckon it'd be great for halloween cos it's like the most perfect pumkin colour (but shiny!)

My favourites have gotta be Strawberry Fields and Cords - though if someone said a nail polish was mushroom coloured I'd imagine it would look really gross but this is absolutely beautiful! :)

October 11, 2010 at 1:14 AM delete

@ Catanya Hiya <3
This was my very first haul, and the second I could do afford to do another haul, I did another one. So stay tuned for that one. I really recommend them. The shades are phenomenal... I've never seen a nail polish company ever go so far to create such lovely shades. They aren't expensive at all, the only thing that sets you slightly back is the shipping...But it's worth every penny =D ! I love them

@ All Made Up - Thank you =D ! I'm not that keen on Solar Power either, I've seen a few nicer shades of yellow... but it is different and that's something I appreciate xD.
I love that orange.. it's so sparkly and the quality of it is amazing !
I don't know how you two love Cords / the mushroom color, but it's growing on me xD ! So hopefully I'll learn to love it too ^^
I know, it's such a weird way to describe a color.. but it does look exactly mushroom colored xD !!

Thanks for the comments <3 <3