Sunday, May 22, 2016

Your kiss is sugary sweet

A while back I had seen a post featuring these IMagic liquid lipsticks and I thought that they looked quite decent! I couldn't believe that 1) these were an ebay product and 2) that they were so cheap! I bought them from this seller here.
I bought 3 shades to start off with, and now I have another 4 or so that I want to get. Not now because I've been buying a little too much makeup recently without even actually trying them out. Need to chill a little. In total there are 12 shades and I have the shades 03, 11 and 12.

For £1.32 you get 8ml of product in really solid plastic packaging. It doesn't feel cheap, it doesn't smell cheap (it actually smells quite nice) and it comes packaged in a matte black box. I feel like for the price you're definitely getting a lot more than what you're paying for. The applicator is a long straight one and not the standard doe foot applicator.
One of the best things about this is that unlike the MeNow lip lacquers that I bought from e-bay, they're definitely not a sticky formula. They dry to a nice powdery-matte feel (if that makes any sense) and you can barely feel that there's anything on your lips. The consistency is actually quite runny which is a good thing in my opinion because at least I can properly go over the lips properly and carefully before the product dries out. I really recommend to use a lipliner with these because the applicator makes it a little bit difficult to get a nice defined outline.
Shade 03 has to be my favourite out of the bunch. Not only was it the most pigmented, but it went on really smoothly without any patchiness to the colour at all. It also lasted for a good solid 6 hours with eating and drinking. The inner rim of the lips did wear off a little bit, but it wasn't that noticeable. I'm always worried when I wear liquid lipsticks because you can't exactly re-apply them properly, so to have this last for 6 hours and still look quite nice was really reassuring! The colour of this is a mauve with a grey-ish brown undertone to it. It's a colour which is really in at the moment and I absolutely love it.
Shade 11 is a gorgeous dark pink with a purple undertone to it. It's quite pigmented, but it's not got the smoothest application. It went on slightly patchy on me, but it wasn't that noticeable. The inner rim of the mouth does crumble off a bit just a little bit after you wear it. This lasted about 4 hours on me before it started crumbling all off, and this was with me just drinking tea with it. I wouldn't say it'll last through a meal or through a night out, but you could always re-apply it which is what I do.

Shade 12 is one amazing dark red with a brown undertone to it. The formula of this is my least favourite of the bunch which is such a shame. It goes on incredibly patchy, and starts crumbling off as soon as it dries. It didn't even last an hour on my lips and that's without eating and drinking anything. It just kept crumbling off, and a lot of it went onto my teeth. The shade is gorgeous, the actual product isn't.

Let me know if any of you have purchased the IMagic liquid lipsticks or any of their products and what you thought of them! I'm definitely interested in trying some more out

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Top: Zara | Skirt: H&M | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Peacocks
I have not posted in a while, and it is entirely my fault! I've been lazy about it because I've taken all the pictures for a few posts, but didn't want to edit/upload them or even write the post for them. It was just a lazy few weeks which is..irritating to say the least. BUT, I have to say this I did enjoy my lazy weekends of doing almost nothing.
I feel like I have a lot to say, but at the same time nothing to say..because a few things that I want to say I can only discuss in private with people I'm close to, and also because I don't want to put my thoughts and feelings out there..on the internet.
But I can say this, do any of you have this desperate feeling to be all alone in peace and quiet most of the time? I feel like that quite a bit. Like straight after work all I want to do is just spend time alone. To be fair I'm always on buses and the ferry and I just want to avoid everyone. You always meet weird people or people you don't really want to talk there and it's, just leave me alone please? Ahh, my life. I always say I'm such an anti-social, but honestly after spending so much time being surrounded by people I can't really blame me for it!
Anyway, that's done and dusted. Also, I've been browsing the shops (well online), and I can barely find anything that I want to buy for Spring/Summer. It's like most of the stuff is quite girly and I like my plain stuff and things which are a bit on the more grungey-side I suppose. Like there a couple of things that I like, but not things that I really want to buy. Shopping problems!
I think I need to invest in a new camera, for some reason it's producing some really low resolution photos, and it didn't do that before..and I'm still using the same old settings. Thinking about getting an Olympus Pen, so we'll see how that goes